Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back From a Break

I've hardly blogged at all the last 3 months or so. Life has been busy, I've been feeling inadequate, so many things going on. I love blogging, I love to cook and share my recipes and ideas with the world. I find it therapeutic. You see, acts of service is my love language, and cooking is one of the main "services" I like to show my love for my family through. I'm disappointed I let negative feelings keep me from sharing my recieps here for the last few months, because I have discovered and prepared so many delicious meals during this time.
So, I'm back from my break, ready to share my recipes, but I also feel that God is leading me to share other things. My story, His work in my life, encouragement for other women. So, I will be sharing more personal posts in the future. I am nervous, because so much of my past is not anything to be proud of, but it speaks to God's amazing grace and forgiveness. If I can help or inspire even one other woman, the temporary uncomfortable feeling will be worth it.

God Bless,


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