Monday, July 21, 2014

Clean Windows Like a Pro

I actually shared this post almost 2 years ago, but I didn't have pictures with it. I use this method all the time to clean windows and mirrors in my house. This particular before and after is of a window in my dining area. I've cleaned the inside several times since we've lived here, but I can't reach the top of the window on the outside, so I guess I always thought I'd ask my husband to do it later. Well, it turns out the outside of that window hadn't been cleaned in the whole 2 years we've lived here. Gross. It looks pretty good now, though.

I hate cleaning windows and mirrors. No matter what I do, there are always streaks. Windex? Tried it. Vinegar, rubbing alcohol? Uh-huh. Paper towels, newspaper, coffee filters? All left streaks and lint. Then I remembered that when my parents would have professionals clean our windows when I was growing up, they didn't use any of those things. They had a big, sudsy bucket, a cloth, a a squeegee. I asked around, and someone said to use Dawn dish soap, the blue kind. So before we moved into our new home, I went and bought a squeege and some blue Dawn. As my husband and brother unpacked the truck, I went inside and mixed up a mop bucket full of warm water and a few squirts of Dawn so I could clean the living room window before heavy furniture got pu in front of it. It worked great, No streaks, no lint, just perfectly clean windows.

You Will Need:

1 bucket
Dawn Dish Soap, the blue one
2 clean rags

Squirt  a little Dawn into a bucket, fill with warm water. I probably used a tablespoon or so of soap. Get 1 rag nice and sudsy, use it to clean the window. Mine were a little grody, so I did some scrubbing. Starting at one corner and working accross, run squeegee from top to bottom, making sure to wipe the blade with your dry rag after each pass. Enjoy your crystal clear, streak free windows.