Monday, July 2, 2012

Biscuits and Gravy

Buscuits and Gravy is definitely my favorite breakfast. I don't make it often because it's so full of fatty goodness. This post is just my recipe for the gravy. I've yet to find or come up with a homemade biscuit recipe that I like well enough, so I usually save myself the trouble and use the kind in the can. We smother them in so much gravy, you can't really taste the biscuits anyway. This recipe makes a lot of gravy, you may want to halve the recipe. These pictures were taken when I made Father's Day breakfast for my husband, who likes a ton of sausage in his gravy, since I was only making it for him, I used half the milk, but kept the sausage the same. Most people prefer the proportions listed in the recipe.

You will need:

1 chub regular pork breakfast sausage. My person preference is Jimmy Dean.
4 TBS Flour
1 tsp Salt
1 TBS Pepper
4 Cups Milk
Optional:  A pinch of garlic powder and nutmeg.

Brown sausage in a large skillet over medium heat.

Sprinkle with flour
Meausre 4 cups milk into a large measuring cup. Microwave the milk for about 1 minute, just to take the chill off. This will help keep the flour from clumping when the milk is added.
Pour the milk into the pan with the sausage, stirring to prevent clumps.
Sprinkle in the salt and pepper. Allow to simmer until thickened. Taste to check the seasoning. Adjust to your liking. The saltiness of sausage can vary from package to package, so it is important to taste prior to and after adding seasonings, so you can adjust them properly. I almost always add more of both, but sometimes just pepper is needed. Add the garlic powder and/or nutmeg, if you like. I love the flavor they bring to to gravy.

Ladle over hot biscuits and enjoy.

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  1. I love Love LOVE biscuit and gravy. I have love them since I was very little. I wish I could eat them everyday! My waistline wouldn't like that, but man my tummy and taste buds would be happy. Thanks for linking up on Saturday Dishes.