Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cake Flour Substitute

For years, if I saw a recipe that called for cake flour, I just used all-purpose. Most of these recipes tasted fine, but I wondered what I was missing. Cakes that claimed to have a ligh texture and crumb didn't seem any differnet to me. Finally, the curiosity got the best of me and I tried actually using the cake flour called for in a recipe. I had made the recipe before using AP flour, and I was amazed at how different it came out. I read up on cake flour and started finding new ways to use it. Once I discovered what a difference cake flour makes to pancakes, I was hooked. Then a few weeks ago my husband wanted pancakes for Saturday morning breakfast. I didn't have any cake flour but I remembered seeing a substitution for it in the "Tips" section of a cookbook the women's group at my church had done when I was a child. I looked it up and tried it.

1 cup AP flour
2 TBS cornstarch

Measure out the flour, then remove 2 TBS of it back to the flour bin. The cornstarch replaces the removed flour. Sift it well.

Now, it doesn't give the exact same results as cake flour, but it does replicate the results pretty closely, at least in the pancake recipe. I sifted 3 times.

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