Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Custom Onesie Using Freezer Paper

My son’s 1st birthday was a few days ago. I made him this little onesie to wear at his “Little Man” themed party. This was so easy, and really fun. There are so many things that could be made using this technique.

You will need:

Onesie, shirt, or other fabric

Freezer paper, the kind that has a plastic coating on one side

Fabric Paint



Piece of card board

Xacto knife

Cutting mat, or if you are like me, and can’t find yours, another piece of cardboard.

First, decide what design you want to use. This one was pretty simple, I just found a “1” I liked in Word, blew it up and traced it. My husband drew the moustache, but there are tons of images for those on the web.

Once you have your design, print it, lay freezer paper plastic side down on top of design, and trace the design onto the freezer paper. You could also free hand a completely custom design, but I don’t have that kind of talent.

Using your Xacto knife, carefully cut the design out.  Make sure you leave yourself plenty of freezer paper surrounding the design.

Position the freezer paper over the fabric, plastic side down. Use a hot iron to press it onto the onesie, the paper will stick, creating a stencil. Place a piece of cardboard under the front of the onesie, to prevent the paint from bleeding through onto the back.

Carefully paint inside the stencil. Allow to dry, and pull the freezer paper off. For the “1”, I used Craftsmart Acrylic Paint in Lush Foliage.

Since I wanted to moustache to cover part of the “1”, I did mine in two layers. While the “1” was drying, we cut out the moustache. Ironed it on, just as we had before, and painted using FolkArt Acrylic Paint in Licorice. This looked adorable on our Little Man. 

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