Tuesday, October 11, 2016

In Real Life

In the past, I've tried to keep this blog and have everything perfect, photography to the best of my ability, new recipes regularly, everything from scratch, house always perfect, pinterest-worthy decorations that I crafted myself, etc. It was overwhelming, I constantly felt like a failure because I was imposing too much on myself, and during my pregnancy with the twins, I had to let much of that stuff go, I couldn't physically do it.
Since their birth, it has been hard to get things back under control. I've slowly but surely been getting my house back under control, gotten them on a decent sleeping schedule, and have decided to get ba
ck to doing a few things I enjoy, this blog being one of them. I love to cook and want to share recipes, though the photos will most likely be shot with my phone while a baby crawls at my feet, and that's ok with me. This is real life and it's not perfect or always pretty.

I hope ya'll can find encouragement or even just get a laugh from my life.

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